Blog Tour – It’s Getting Scot In Here by Suzanne Enoch

Suzanne Enoch is one of those authors whose works I turn to when I need to delve into a good historical romance. And she is coming out with another series, this time with highlanders!

The first of the Wild Wicked Highlanders series is the book, It’s Getting Scot In Here.

It's Getting Scot In Here by Suzanne Enoch, Blog Tour by Frost At Midnite

After reading the blurb I am quite excited. Once upon a time, there lived a poor Scottish earl – Angus MacTaggert, Earl Aldriss, who married Francesca Oswell, a viscount’s daughter and an heiress. They fell in love and were married. But, Francesca’s money was tied tightly such that Angus couldn’t touch it. Over the next many years they had four children – three boys and a girl—Coll, Aden, Nial and Eloise. Whereupon Francesca felt that she had to bring up her daughter in the lap of civilisation and not in the wilds of Scotland. A deal was struck between Francesca and Angus. The conditions were that she continue providing for the maintenance of the estate. Francesca reluctantly agreed, but given that she controlled the purse strings, she also had her own conditions to try to keep some influence with her wild sons: All three boys must marry before their sister, they must wed proper Englishwomen, and at least one of them must marry someone of her choosing. And if young Eloise MacTaggert did marry before any of the boys, Francesca would cut off all funds to the estate.

Time went by. One day Angus received a letter from Francesca announcing their daughter’s engagement. One can only imagine how the tale spins after that. And it will be an absolute delight to read. This one is Nial’s story, by the way. So we have three more from this series to look forward to.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!

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