Book Review – Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer by Ryan Suvaal

I received this short story ages ago and only realised it has been lying around among the mountains in the drafts folder. Thank you, Sam, for reminding me about this.

Blurb –

Seventeen gruesome killings across the United States, within a span of six months and there is one clear connection among victims. They were all writers.

While media is decorating the murders with sensationalist stories, and law enforcement is playing catch-up, the homicidal maniac remains elusive and secretive.
Things get very interesting, when one day she decides to appear on an internet talk show for an honest fireside chat.


Have you read a book that is just two chapters long, but was riveting with every word? If not, then you must grab Fireside Chat with a Serial Killer. It is about a serial killer who goes live on a chat show on the darknet. 23 pages and you are done with the book. It is short and packs a very impressive punch.

There are so many interesting aspects that the author has touched upon and you really are tempted to find out more about them. Like how the killer is a grammar nazi, yet she targets only those authors with the initials SD. Or how does she do it? Just glimpses but not the clearer picture. I was left intrigued and bereft. I wanted more!

Even if this story was an incredibly short one, it does make an impact. The writing, needless to say, was good. Given that it was about a grammar nazi serial killer, the writing had to be on point as well.

You are sure to enjoy this book. Pick it up!

By Frost At Midnite

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