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I am feeling a little bit off today. A little less “joie de vivre”. For whatever reasons.

And such times I take up looking up the internet for random stuff, which most often goes into the category of astrology or such. Today, of course, it was reading about my sun sign. Somehow random people writing about the intangible that somehow makes sense is a delight to read. And it gives you a different perspective of things and also gives you encouragement at times.

The joy that is the internet, today, threw my way this lovely answer from reddit.  (Excerpt below)

Power of any kind is a double-edged sword: Scorpios, in life, are often the “best of the best” or the “worst of the worst”. So many brilliant and powerful people have been Scorps; but Scorpio is the sign of the underworld, brutality and criminality, too.

Scorpios are blessed with incredible willpower, resolve, grit and tenacity, so whatever they choose to do in life, they usually do it all the way, with great passion and determination. This means they will often be the best doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, soldiers, actors, detectives, artists, supermodels, writers, athletes… but you will often find them among the world’s murderers, bullies, dictators, gangleaders, lying poseurs, thugs and serial killers. They comprise life’s best of the best… and life’s worst of the worst. Look at the birthdates on the MOST WANTED posters in your post office… and you will be amazed at how many are Scorpios.

A good Scorpio needs to set high goals for himself… and to stay away from the criminal underworld…. or at least tread very carefully through that element. Scorpios do best when they can sublimate their more intense urges: in other words, turn their strong feelings into something that benefits society.

The Scorpio’s key statement in life is “I Desire”, and desire, they do. Their task in life is to learn about Karma— what goes ‘round, comes ‘round. The Scorpio can have virtually anything s/he desires in life…. but they also learn that every desired thing comes with a pricetag attached. There is no “free lunch”. An evolved Scorp will often be seen doing favors for those who can never repay the favor— “paying it forward”— because she knows that the shoe could be so easily on the other foot.

The evolved, responsible, ethical Scorpio— who has found his/her “moral compass”— will be the most magnetic and powerful friend and ally you will ever have.

After reading that about my sun sign, there was a little bit of an instant ‘Yes! ‘ in my brain. It was what I needed, a pick me up. It is amazing how a few random words on the internet can give you the motivation that you need to face the day.



By Frost At Midnite

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  1. I can talk to you about your Sun placement (Scorpio and what house it resides in) as well as your other placements. E-mail me to inquire! xx

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