Week In Review – Week 7 & 8, 2019

There are times when we all need to step back and take a long deep breath. And that is why I skipped the weekly post and made it into a two in one with Weeks seven and eight clubbed together.

The month of February has been interesting. Every weekend there has been something or the other happening. Being related to a lot of people, there are always invitations. And this year since I decided that I shall take time out to go socialise more I have been busy. The past weekend was a deviation this month and I stayed home and read two books.

Last week I was a bit sad as well. I cannot pinpoint one source to be the reason, it was a lot of things that nagged me and gave the sense of helplessness and despair. However, this too shall pass and there will be happier times, once I figure out how to deal with it.

Everything else has been going well. My meditation and language learning apps show a continuous streak, which I am very happy about. I often used to miss out a day or two, but this year I am on a roll! Being a mallu definitely helps with learning languages. And my knee is as good as new (touch wood!).

There is one other thing I discovered two weeks back. I read about the Law of Attraction (LOA). As I read it, it made sense. I remember wanting a fancy yellow frock for my birthday when I was little. But my mother had already bought one for me, and that frock was denied. I wanted that frock so bad. Fortunately for me, my aunt gifted me the frock, in yellow! Now, I thought it was a coincidence or an understanding between my mother and her sister-in-law. I was happy I got that frock. The LOA says that our desires happen because we have visualised it, and have our requests out into the universe and the universe then acts to make them come true, and this is how people manifest their desires. Hmmpff! There are a lot of recordings about this online. How people have manifested love, health, money and million-dollar homes! Well, I am writing this here to make a note of this, because I am going to try it too. I am not going to write about what I want. I am recording that I have created a vision board, I am thinking about this and visualising it and adding a little prayer and goodwill to it and sending it out into the Universe. If it happens, I shall write about that as well.

I must, however, concede one thing.  LOA is about positivity and gratitude. It has definitely upped the optimism and general happiness quotient of mine manifold. I am beginning to like the principle just for that.

Have you heard of LOA? Or anything similar? What has your experience been? Please let me know.

**I just went back and saw that I did write about Universe Juice and signs in the last week in review post. Coincidences happen, don’t they!?!? 😉

By Frost At Midnite

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