Book Review – Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Alright, I am giving into the norms of society and shall make book reviews about most of my favourite romance novels. I am of the opinion that romance is best served in literature, poetry, songs and movies. And therefore I enjoy love and romance the most when I read about them.

Beginning with that theme, I am going to write about one of my favourite books, from one of my favourite authors – Georgette Heyer. And the book I am going to write about is Frederica. A historical romance that is rather razor-edged.

Frederica by Georgette Heyer, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

The plot is simple. We have a lord of the realm, The Marques of Alverstoke. And as like all those coveted bachelors who came before him, he is proud, full of sharp wit, suave and debonair. Obviously, he is also handsome, rich, selfish with no patience for those hanging onto his coat tails. He has two sisters who plague him; a distant cousin who is his heir and therefore he puts up with; and a very efficient secretary.

Into this come the rather merry Merrivales who, in some distant manner, are related to our Marquis. Frederica Merrivale, after whom the novel is named, is the eldest of the lot. Then there is the head of the household, her younger brother, who studies at Oxford. And three young ones – Charris, a most beautiful creature for whom Frederica applies to Alverstoke in order to launch her into society; Jessamy, a studious lad; and Felix the youngest Merrivale.

If things were to go as per routine, ALverstoke would have walked out of the Merrivales’ rented residence within a few minutes. But, Frederica being able to hold the Marquis’s attention with her wit and keeping him far from bored, ALversotke makes an impromptu decision to help the lot of them. What follows is a tale as simple as ever told. Marquis falls for our heroine, and alls well that ends well.

Why then is this book a favourite? Oh, there is much to recommend for this book. I love the language of those days. Such convoluted sentences, and such grammar! However, I must add Georgette Heyer’s characters are what make you fall in love with her books. Alverstoke is a very proper gentleman with charm and wit. Frederica is his match. Their conversations are rather splendidly done. And Felix! How much can one little boy do in the span of one book! You will definitely have to read to learn.

I must say this for Georgette Heyer’s books, they may seem like a messy tangle of too many yarns. But, one just needs to keep patience and shall be rewarded with much delight.

And let me know if you had a smile or outright laughed out loud during the balloon ascension scene.

*I have also become the person who writes too many drafts and lets them lie around for weeks before publishing. This post was supposed to be a February one, but better late than never!

By Frost At Midnite


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