Book Review – The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

Aha! Another favourite from Heyer.

Let’s start off with the plot. There exists a family – the father (Lord Ombersley) has a gaming habit, the mother (Elizabeth Rivenhall, Lady Ombersley), is a woman of sensitive nerves, the heir (Charles) a proper gentleman with no vices and a condescending attitude towards those who are frivolous. And his fiance (Eugenia), who is pedantic and extremely meddling just about creates chaos, albeit with a delicate hand. Then there are the other children, a lovely young lady (Cecilia) who is in love with the wrong sort of man; a young man (Herbert) who is ridden with debt; and the younger kids who would like to run free than adhere to the discipline induced by their older brother and his fiance.

Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy, Lady Ombersley’s brother, is called away to South America and he asks his sister to take in his daughter, Sophia. Obviously a lady with a kind heart, she agrees to host the motherless young girl and manage to launch her into society. What she did not account for was that Sophy was already adept at managing everything and everybody around her.

The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

This is what makes The Grand Sophy so interesting to read. Even Sophy’s arrival at her aunt’s Berkeley square residence is extremely amusing. And Sophie is a heroine who deserves the reader’s adoration. She is extremely comfortable in her own skin, adept at keeping scheming females at bay, and adroit at solving any issue without fainting or bemoaning fate.

Downright machiavellian when it comes to scheming. Sophy wrecks havoc in the Ombersley’s peaceful household. That peace that was more out of fear than of joy. Obviously, Eugenia is upset that Sophy is around, and she goads Charles. Charles is upset that his hard work at creating some semblance of civility at home is shattered. Whilst everyone else is happy. Charles’s remedy to this is to get his cousin married as soon as possible. Only, there are too many who would want Sophy for herself, let alone her beauty and her wealth.

I am not going to write more about the plot or how it unravels. This book is amusing, to say the least, from start to finish. Sophy is a woman who handles life as well as she handles the reins of her carriage. She is someone who would everyone’s friend and make them fall in love with her. And I must actually wonder about Georgette Heyer’s heroines. Personally, I feel each one of them is a lot better than most of the other regency heroines.

Alright, I shan’t write more about my love for The Grand Sophy. But it is definitely one of my favourite books of all time. And it just so happens to be a romance. Given it is that time of the year when romance is in the air, I am sharing this review so that you can go give this delightful book a read.

I highly recommend it!

By Frost At Midnite


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