Week In Review – Weeks 9 & 10, 2019

This one was put off for a long time because I honestly did not feel like writing. I did not feel like writing about my life.

Besides all the things I have been doing and reporting on them nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was rather mundane. The one exception to that rule was last Thursday when I was rude to a customer service representative who called from Kerala matrimony. It was a conundrum, do I feel sorry for it – no. I had nothing personal against that person, but they represent a company whose practices I don’t much like and asking me to pay for 18000rs for it was taking it too far. I had to give free rein to the sharper side of my temper before I hung up.

Outside of this occurrence, I can report that I have been diligently keeping to my resolutions. All going fine.

And when it comes to life in general, it is summer. In Chennai. It doesn’t get better no matter how long we’ve been around. This year there is acute water scarcity as well. So it is horrid all around.

How have ten weeks gone by this soon??? In general, I am hoping that this lethargy when it comes to writing is done with soon.

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