Week in Review – Week 12, 2019


This past weekend the IPL started off with a home match. CSK against RCB. Of course, CSK won. But it was a little boring. They scored 70 runs and we needed 71 to win. Sigh! CSK would have hit it within five overs, but CSK being CSK went all out and played almost to the end. CSK would need 7 runs or 700 runs to win and they will still play all the overs. Like that annoying kid who wrote his answers even after the final bell rings.

In other news, March has turned out to be a bit of rubbish actually. Halfway through the month, I had to stop my language lessons. I was a bit overloaded, and I think emotionally I was not there, to study or even meditate. I know that these are probably the most appropriate times when one needs to meditate, but I just couldn’t make the time for it.

And, I am done with four seasons of Games of Thrones. A revision before the final season. I don’t think I made that excuse even for my exams, ever. But going back and looking through things, one really notices so many new nuances in the series. My friend, on the other hand, has not read the books or watched the series. Being the good friend I am, I promptly gave her my copies of the books. I hope she gets as traumatized and in love with it as me. I am always happy when I introduce someone to a new book!

And then I did something else as well. I left almost all of the WhatsApp groups I was in. This is perhaps temporary. I haven’t decided yet. Why you ask? Well, the country is going to elections next month. And there are already plenty of forwards flooding WhatsApp. I don’t know how many are true or even if any are true. I’d rather make my decision based on other things like a manifesto(past and present). And so I left the groups because no one is going to stop forwarding them in the first place.

What else did I do? I binged on Avengers and the Avengers- Infinity war on Sunday. I also watched a bit of Ice Age Collision course and made a mean baby corn fry. All in all a good Sunday. I have watched more movies this month than I did this whole year.

That is about all that happened, if one discounts the end of year chaos, all is well.

Have a great week ahead!

By Frost At Midnite

3 thoughts on “Week in Review – Week 12, 2019

  1. Hi Jayasree, hope all is well. Was wondering if you would be kind enough to share your mediation technique with me, i would greatly appreciate it. Have been trying a few technique but not much yield. thanks

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