Week(s) In Review – The whole of April, 2019

The month of April started with a new thing – gymming! In a distant universe, I used to go work out every day. A year or more back, my sister took a gym membership and used to go workout. But, she was not regular. And suddenly the end of March she decided to go to the gym again. Apparently, her decision included me as well. Her logic is that if I had to go with her, she would be regular. It was the lack of my charming company that made her forego the gym every so often. Thus she took it upon herself to buy me a membership as well. Imagine my shock at this!

And so we began on April first. It really was a fools day for me. I slept late and had to wake up at 530am. Go to the gym and face the day. Only, it is April in Chennai. There is only one way to describe it – I sweat more walking the half kilometre to the gym than I actually do while working out in its air-conditioned confines. And all I did was sleep through the day. My mother was a li’l bit appalled at my attempt at aestivation, but it was a side effect of watching GOT until the wee hours of the morning and waking up a couple of hours later. Also, working out while having a shit sleep schedule is the worst thing ever. It has been ten days now, and I am now regularly dragged to the gym.

Anyway, that was what I wrote way back when April was still a new month. I have been bad at posting the weekly review for a long while, all of April, and have decided to make this a Month’s review instead.

So, what’s new? Obviously the gym thing. And I actually managed to absent myself from working out for an entire 10 days. I wrote about the water scarcity in Chennai, and I managed to sprain my back while doing water-related chores. Not being able to turn or lie down comfortably to sleep is really horrid. It is amazing how when you hurt someplace is the only time you realise the existence of that portion of your body. There was the mandatory ayurvedic oils massaged and fomented, and then the most amazing TIGER BALM PAIN RELIEF PATCHES!!! Those things are the bestest of the best. Cannot recommend them enough. This lot was given by one of our relatives who visited from Singapore. So, outside of feeling tired and worn out from working out, I also couldn’t sit down at the table to blog.

Then my granny fell ill. She fell ill twice in the same month, of the same condition, two weeks apart. It was a confusingly difficult time for us. Personally, April was a month of not feeling too good. The other thing was I burnt the skin around my neck, thanks to the sun. Of course, I wear SPF, but I had to put up with the burning, peeling and scarring. Now I am just chilling around every night with a DIY face pack on the area to make things look normal.

And then there were the damages. Our microwave and our washing machine stopped working. A water tanker that came to deliver water to our apartment smashed our car, and the front driver side door was damaged terribly. It has been a really horrid month.

Then there were elections, IPL and all that. It has been chaos one after the other. But CSK has qualified. And that is a good news.

Now to the most important thing – Did you watch GOT S8E3??? I woke up at 6am and watched it along with my sister, and OMG!!! It had us gasping and ranting and raving and finally in awe of all it. I could give away spoilers, but I won’t. The only warning I will give is to maximise your screen’s brightness to 100% before you start watching it.

I can’t wait for May to begin. May May be kind and gentle with all of us.

That’s all.


By Frost At Midnite

One thought on “Week(s) In Review – The whole of April, 2019

  1. it was indeed a long month for you! i hope you’re feeling much better now, beautiful!
    i hope your back is fine! do you’ve spondylitis? you should sit straight and try not to do things, that you think would hurt you! and i hope your granny is fine now!
    and nowadays, i dont think there’s a need to go to the gym. i guess, you’re going for some cardio and some basic exercises? well, you can always jog around your house and after that, just do the crunches and stuff, when you reach home. you’ll save money and time.
    wishing you the best, beautiful! i hope May is lovely for you!


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