Laddoo, A food post by Frost At Midnite


I always seem to start posting on my Foodstagram account, and then take a break from it. I cannot say I am lazy about it. Well, the fact is I just can’t seem to take the time to photograph the food before I start stuffing myself. Pity!

There are many such times that have gone by, but one of the more sensible and controlled times I have had I took photographs of a pack of laddoos we bought.

Now, there are two types of laddoos that we have. The proper South Indian one with bigger boondhis and a more granular texture. It also has some raisins, cashews and a hint of cardamom thrown into it. Then there is the motichur version of the laddoo. This one is the stickier version with some saffron and slivers of almonds and pistachios. The texture is smoother and the boondhis are minuscule in comparison.

What we got were the motichur laddoos. And from Gangotri. These are the best in the city. I know there are other stores like Shree Mithai and Ajnabee that have their sweet treats and motichur laddoos are always a fan favourite. Shree Mithai also has a gigantic version of the laddoo, a la Tirupati laddoo. Oh! The Tirupati laddoo. Now that is a double treat in itself.

I digressed from the original line of thought. Anyway, we bought the laddoos and I took the time to photograph them, watermark them and then post it on Instagram. Well, I did the first two acts early in the year and then posted the photo yesterday. So much for content planning.

And just looking at the photo I was reminded of the ooey, gooey, sticky, sweet taste bursting with flavours in my mouth!

What is your favourite laddoo?

By Frost At Midnite

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