Lily's Just Fine by Gill Stewart, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

Book Review – Lily’s Just Fine by Gill Stewart

Have you ever laughed out loud while reading? If not, you have to read Lily’s Just Fine to experience it. If you already have, then for sure you will enjoy this one.

Gill Stewart has written a novel with such diverse characters. Lily Hildebrand, Tom Owen, Gemma, Sarah, and their parents; and for once the story was completely centred on the young ones and their parents were quite in the backdrop.

Lily Hildebrand is a teen living in a small town in Scotland. Hildebrand could actually be synonymous for firebrand. Lily is someone who does not stop at anything. She wants to be occupied never sitting around chilling. Her version of having fun means getting things done. And everyone around her gets tagged along. Gemma, her best friend, a shy creature is the one who receives the most of this treatment. She is Lily’s right hand and has to take part in all of Lily’s plans whether it be cooking or planning their school prom.

Lily's Just Fine by Gill Stewart, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

Gemma’s neighbour, Tom Owen, is a reserved young man with a close-knit family. His sister Sarah is ill. He helps out at home and in general, is happy to ‘chill’. With the typical small town backdrop, this is an everyone knows about everyone situation. When Tom is roped in to help with the Town Gala week by Lily and Gemma, he actually wonders why and how he is in this situation. The whole thing is hilarious to read. With Tom helping out at home and the gala he has more than enough to do. Lily with taking care of her mother, trying her hand at cooking, and planning the gala, she’s got her hands full as well. But that does not stop her from adding on to the never ending things that could be done, much to the chagrin of Gemma and Tom. Lily’s thought process and planning are fascinating to read. One could say it is like watching a steam roller in action, once it starts there is no stopping it!

It is all charming until it is not. Even Lily has to stop and face the music. More than once, we are shown the very capable and efficient Lily having to stop and watch as things unfold around her. She has to stand by and be a ‘helpless’ spectator when the very adjective is the antithesis of who she is. She looks at a problem, figures out what needs to be done and gets it done. To be silent and watch is not her cup of tea. One tends to feel for Lily at such times. But what is life without such encountering such situations?

Lily’s Just Fine is a really fine piece of writing. The characters are very endearing, the plot manages to keep the reader interested from start to end, and the pages are filled with a liveliness seldom found in YA novels. One cannot be disappointed with this book in any way. Gill Stewart has a made a gem of a novel that can be enjoyed by all.

Definitely recommend! (This is book one in the series, Galloway Girls. I can’t wait for the next one!)

You can find a copy of Lily’s Just Fine here – Amazon


Lily's Just Fine (Galloway Girls, #1)Lily’s Just Fine by Gill Stewart

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