Book Review – The Corpse Wore Stilettos by M J O’Neill

There are times when the title of the book gets you interested. And that is how I picked up this title. It turned out to be an excellent decision because The Corpse Wore Stilettos by M J O’Neill did not disappoint.

Katherine Waters is a girl a little down on her luck. Following her father’s arrest and having all their assets seized, she moves back home from Boston to help her mother and grandmother deal with this situation. Landing a job with the morgue, she is trying to juggle her troubles while staying afloat.

That is until a corpse turns up for examination. This corpse wears stilettos and is not your average Jane Doe by any stretch. While Kat considers this and begins works, Burns McPhee walks into Kat’s turf wanting a look at Jane Doe. And while they are occupied verifying each others business interests regarding the dead body, someone else steals the body right from under their noses. Burns McPhee happens to head a private security agency and he is interested in solving the murder of his friend. Both the cases seem oddly similar. But, the disappearance of the body puts a wrench in Kat and Burns’s plans.

The Corpse Wore Stilettos by M J O'Neill, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

Katherine is put on probation, and her need to clear her name makes her team up with Burns and his team. The investigation is rapid and takes place over the period of a few days. It is an extremely interesting read with how they go about this investigation and all the twists and turns.

The Corpse Wore Stilettos has a lot of interesting characters. Burns and his team, Katherine and her co-workers, Katherine’s family, especially her granny, Grand. Everyone plays a significant part somewhere in the book. When this investigation looks like it coincides with her father’s alleged ties to the mob, Katherine has double incentive to investigate.

I loved this book. We all need a friend like DC and a granny like Grand. There is no doubt that life would be extremely interesting at all times with these two around. And Katherine herself is a force to reckon with. Breaking the stereotype of the ‘Society Princess’, Kat is shown as someone who can dirty her hands with work, and think for herself. She seems to be someone who can get things done. I loved Katherine!

The Corpse Wore Stilettos ends in mystery as well. We get to know that this plot does not end here. Of course, the mystery of the missing body is solved, but we still do not uncover what happened with Kat’s father. And the reader is left at a cliffhanger. There is obviously going to be another book from M J O’Neill with that story and I can not wait for it.

As the author notes, The Corpse Wore Stilettos is a lighthearted, romantic mystery with a sweet twist. A very well written book, it had me devouring it in a few hours. Definitely recommend.

Oh, and M J O’Neill owns a chocolate factory. How cool is that!?!?

You can find a copy of The Corpse Wore Stilettos here – Amazon, Kobo


The Corpse Wore StilettosThe Corpse Wore Stilettos by M.J. O’Neill

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