Book Review – A Different Time by Michael K. Hill

It is 2019, and we humans are talking to a cylindrical plastic jar. And amazingly enough, the jar talks back to us and does things for us. We can feel its presence in our life even if it is only a virtual entity. If someone from a different time were to witness this phenomenon it would be considered everything from magic to witchcraft.

But, can you imagine how it would seem to someone like that? A Different Time deals with something on these lines. Lindsey and Keith are two people who are from a different time. They are born about three decades apart. While Lindsey enjoys the peace and calm in the pre-cellphone era, putting her heart into her art, she does suffer on most other fronts. Her parents who divorced, a stepfather who has his eyes on her, and no ‘proper’ prospects romantically or professionally means her mother is continuously pressuring her. To vent it out, she starts to make a home video, what today would be known as a vlog, but only on VHS tapes.

A Different Time by Michael K Hill

Keith, in 2019, stumbles upon one of Lindsey’s tapes. And as he plays the tape, he makes a connection. Keith can talk to Lindsey and so can she. It is amazing. They can communicate and it is magical, they each find their soulmate in the other. Truth be told, I would have jumped out of my skin if it were to happen in real life to me, but this is fiction and A Different Time deals with this communication nicely. The book takes off from there and follows Keith as he tries his best to get his hands on all of Lindsey’s tapes. And there are a few chapters of Lindsey’s life as well.

The journey goes from one end of the country to the other. Does Keith find the tapes and reach Lindsey? There are so many things that I cannot write about without this review becoming one with too many spoilers. Nonetheless, A Different Time makes for a really interesting read.

All through the book, the reader is kept hooked onto the plot. You keep turning pages, wanting to know what happens next. I read the book in one sitting and it was a very quick read. The language was simple and did well with the theme of the book. It was not jarring to read the chapters that portrayed different times. The characters, be it Keith and Lindsey, or the people in their lives, were excellent. Even for those few glimpses that we get of these people, they portrayed their friendships, hate, lust, compassion and love with aplomb.

A Different Time is a good book. It was a quick and interesting read with a great plot, well-written characters and some interesting turns.

By Frost At Midnite

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