Happy New Year

Hello hello hello! Hope everyone had a great start to the new year. I did!

Since 2019 has not been kind to me and a lot of people I know, it has made all of us wary about the new year. A new calendar year brings with it an amount of hope. Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes huge. And since the past year’s experiences have coloured our outlook, this year, hopes are slight whilst confidence is maximum. That is on the personal front. The ‘I Hope’ attitude is at a minimal level when compared to the ‘I Can” attitude.

It is with this great introspective gyan that I begin this year. And that is exactly what has gotten me to write this post.

Keeping with resolutions, I have decided to make a progress card. I have dealt with this section in my journal as a daily tracker but not one showing how far I have come. This year I decided to change the format a bit. While my monthly tracker will be standard, I have included a chart to track how far I have come in those areas. But, I did not start the entire thing on January first. Instead, January is really only a trial run for me. I started the whole learn+live+laugh+love routine that I intend to do in 2020 way back in the third week of December 2019. And, I can happily admit to staying committed to the routine for over four weeks now. *touchwood*

So, here is my whole idea for 2020. I have decided to spend 2020 doing things that fall into four broad categories. Learn, Live, Laugh and Love.

Learn – where I indulge in dramatic ideas of learning new things. This year’s ambitiousness has me steadily scooping up points on Duolingo, Memrise and Drops for three languages – Spanish, French and German. Then there is also CodeAcademy and Coursera! Not to mention my old textbooks and course materials from my GMAT/CAT days.

When I have all of it written down it seems like a lot, but it’s actually not. The languages are a half-hour a day offline, while I dedicate an hour to Coursera and CodeAcademy on alternate days. Then the course material is something I read during downtime. One chapter a day or one exercise a day is smooth sailing. I figured if I can read one entire novel a day, I could do one chapter in a subject.

Live – this is where the serious business is. Money making and principles! How do I intend to live – not taking any bullshit or being more straight forward etc. The principles I want to follow in life, some I already do, some I can learn from others. And earning. I do not like the mundanity of the word earning. It is something I have heard since graduation and now think it needs to be more fun. Therefore money making! A fairly self-explanatory subject, but who doesn’t want more of it!

Laugh – This is going to be interesting. I used to be someone who used to laugh out loud many times a day. Now the only times I do so are while watching comedy. More’s the pity. This is the year I rectify this. I have decided to laugh more. Life may have sent me down a path of seriousness, but I shall laugh all the more as I travel through it, even if it means watching more comedy and funny animal videos!

Love – Important! I am not talking about my love life, but falling in love. Not with a person either (which if/when it happens will be written about here). Anyway, I am going to fall in love with everything I do. The people I surround myself with, I shall love all the more. My hobbies, my work, my family, my friends, my students, my words, I shall love them more. Putting in more effort, showing them that they matter. The little things that matter, that is what’s important.

And at the end of it all, if there is something that does not fall into these categories, it is out of my life. There is no time or place for that stuff in my life.

I intend to start off 2019 beginning now, with such grand plans and expectations of mild success.

Expect more posts on books, food and of course my delightful insights into my life this year.

By Frost At Midnite

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