Book Review – Catalyst by Tracy Richardson

Let me start off by saying that I may be prejudiced to this book. My opinion is therefore shaded by my preferences of certain genres.

Now that I have confessed, I can continue with the review. Catalyst starts off with what is perhaps one of most people’s childhood ambitions – archaeology. Marcie is spending time working with her mother at an archaeological dig. A teenager surroundings by things of an era long gone when Marcie realizes she may have a lot more going on in her life than just dealing with growing up.

With her newfound abilities, Marcie is traversing through dimensions of life that are insightful to the reader as well. Now while the teenage girl out on an archaeological dig with her mother was a great start for me, Catalyst did, in fact. put me off at times. I am not a great fan of mixing genres, and Catalyst had a bit of everything in it – science, fantasy, romance, YA… It was not a fun read for me. When it comes to the read itself, I found myself being hard-pressed to DNF this book, but I conquered it nonetheless! Perhaps, I may be the only one out there who could not picture this tale in my head.

When reading I enjoy seeing the visions that the author throws at their reader. Catalyst for me was unable to create a vivid image of the plot or its characters. What it had going for it is a well researched theory and explanations for environmental concerns. I definitely enjoyed how the author, without being prosy, manages to draw the readers attention to environmental hazards like fracking.

I would advice the reader to read through the first book before starting on the Catalyst because it does not do well as a standalone. Having not read the first book, Catalyst left me with more than a few questions.

On the whole, Catalyst gets a three star rating.

By Frost At Midnite

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