Book Review – Crossing In Time by D L Orton

A romance, time travel, end of the world pandemonium, all this and more in a book! Of course I signed up for it! Crossing In Time by D L Orton was a good read if you like the pandemonium and chaos that comes with the end of life as we know it.

Crossing In Time has plenty of action going on. First the romance, then comes the bombings and the fire, and the threat to life. Followed by mysterious messages left through time travel, and opening up of alternate universes and what not. Isabel and Diego have the front row seats to all this. Their love transcending time and space.

If I were to be completely honest, my expectations were not met by Crossing In Time. Though it began as a great read, the romance felt much too rushed, there wasn’t any emotion other than a crazy rush to get things done. I know it is Isabel’s and Diego’s second chance romance, but it was not evocative. Then there is the craziness of all that happens in Crossing In Time. Whilst reading D L Orton’s book, the bombings, the fires, the attacks, the kidnappings are all very exciting to read. But somehow just when the reader gets in the ‘zone'(you know the one where you are enjoying the book), there comes something knock you out of the ‘zone’. This was something I enjoyed terribly. It felt jarring and proved to be a hindrance after the first few times.

Did I like the book? Yes. It was something new, and out of the normal. Did I love the book? Not as much as I would have hoped to.

Would I recommend it? Yes! D L Orton’s Crossing In Time can be enjoyed by those who love a time-travel, end of the world chaos book!

By Frost At Midnite

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