Book Cover Reveal – Where Hope is Found by Rebecca L Marsh

Exciting news y’all! There is another book to look forward to. I have already reviewed two books by Rebecca L MarshWhere The Storm Ends and The Rift Between Us. Both excellent books, and ones I enjoyed reading.

This time there is another emotional tale to add to Marsh‘s stable. Here is the blurb.

One tiny moment in time can shatter your whole world.
A family beach vacation turns to tragedy and Marissa must find a way for her and her traumatized eight-year-old daughter, Maisy, to move forward and heal. But memories of what she lost surround her, threatening to take her to a dark place; a place she can never go again.
When her brother extends an invitation for her and Maisy to move in with him on Princess Island, Marissa thinks it might just be the fresh start she needs. But can she really find hope and healing on an island surrounded by the same ocean that broke her heart?

And here is the cover for Where Hope is Found.

The cover looks lovely, and from what I have read of Rebecca L Marsh‘s work, there is a certain expectation to be had from Where Hope is Found.

By Frost At Midnite

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