The Hubris

While I have had a few good posts this year, my blogging schedule went downhill in August. After the revamp of this blog, August made itself known in a very depressing manner.

If you have read my blog previously, you will know there are a few cherished people I like. Some of them are even (gasps in horror) my relatives. Anyway, the news that came one night in early August was that my favourite aunt passed away.

It was a shock. She was well in the evening, and a few hours later, her neighbours inform us of her passing. Just like that life played its hand. My father of course was quite devastated. Someone he saw from day one of her life was now forever gone. We had to witness his breakdown after all the ceremonies were complete and he returned home.

Back then when lock-down procedures were in force, only my father, his brother and their sister went to bid adieu to their sibling. The three of them aren’t emotional beings. But the situation was one they could not tough it out. None of us could be there.

Life in August was filled with anxiety and worry. I can not by any measure claim August was the only month that was bad this year. The hubris that was a shroud around the way of life, or life as I know it is now gone. Shredded to threads by various circumstances. Worry over work, health, life, and what not. We could perhaps cover it all up and paste a smile, but I figure no one can see it with a face mask on.

We once looked up diy face masks, we still do. Only the context has changed. Our priorities are much more clearer. Fancy dinners out are now replaced by home cooked meals with the same cherished few. Long conversations over coffee, are not reduced to “Hey you, I am thinking of you” texts. And we mean every word of that message.

Life as it was has changed this year. 2020 has been many things, but most of all it has been a revelation. It has shown us what it takes to be humane and kind. It has shown us what life is all about and what are the things that we value the most.

I hope all of you, my dear readers, are well. Wishing happiness and health to everyone out there.

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