Book Review – Bad Habits by Flynn Meaney

There are some great things about being a part of a bookish community. Actually, there are only great things when one is a part of anything to do with books. And Book Tours are one of them. We get to read books, relish and review them. One such book tour is Bad Habits by Flynn Meaney, by The Write Reads.

One will either go “bah!”, or get hooked on to it from the get go. Bad Habits is a book about Alex, and her life at St. Mary’s, a Catholic boarding school. I absolutely loved reading Bad Habits.

Bad Habits by Flynn Meaney. Book Reivew by Frost At Midnite

Alex, with her biker boots and purple hair, has one goal – to get expelled from St. Mary’s. The misogynistic, rooted in patriarchy, rosary distributing school, where Alex is the black sheep. It really does not help that St. Mary’s is also Alex’s father’s Alma Mater. So what does it take to get expelled? She has gotten a file thick with all the paperwork for every misstep she has been caught at. Obviously, Alex plans for something more; something immense enough to get her kicked off campus. With her adorable roommate, Mary Kate, trotting alongside being the poster girl for everything prim and proper, Alex sets off on a journey that is equal parts hilarious and imbecilic. Alex is, afterall a school kid.

Now, is the book only about Alex? No. Mary Kate has a significant portion where she also realises her term goals. There are many other characters who have a very significant presence in Bad Habits. Some of the issues addressed in the book, like sex education, are a worthy cause that must be taken up in schools. However, it was on a lighter note and a topic of a few paragraphs. Alex did her best to highlight it those few times.

The major portion of the book is all about teenagers and them finding their footing, making their space… basically, becoming their future selves. It makes for an interesting read. Not some philosophical coming of age, jargon filled book this. Bad Habits is a more hilarious version of it. With its protagonist literally having a “lightbulb” moment in the midst of a crisis to realise what she actually wants!

I do hope Bad Habits gets made into a teen movie, because it sure is meant to be one.

I absolutely enjoyed reading Bad Habits, and think you should too.

Frost At Midnite

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