Book Review – Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

What happens when you combine a belligerent teenager who suddenly gets both a supernatural ability and a love life at the same time? An interesting page turner, that’s what! Instructions for Dancing is a bit of a YA, a lot of teen romance, and a bit of looking into the future as well. Nicola Yoon seems to have made all of these work well together to keep the reader coming back for more.

Evie has had her an earth shattering event in her life. Her father has walked out of their home and has decided to marry the woman he left them for. This in turn makes her question the sanctity and even the truthful existence of “Love”. Which in turn prompts her to dump her entire collection of romance novels!

When she stumbles upon a library on a neighbourhood curb, she decides to leave a book, but a lady insists she make an exchange instead of a drop. And Evie leaves there with a book – Instructions for Dancing. She discovers two things afterwards – she finds a note inside with the address of a dance studio, and she realises that she can see the past, present and future of any relationship when she can glimpse the couple kissing.

Of all the changes that have found their way into her life, she adds one more. She goes to the dance studio and is somehow cajoled into joining a dance competition. This is where she meets X, her love interest. The ups and downs of a new relationship, the stress of the competition, the whole of her life is one whirlwind. How Evie copes, how she deals with the unwanted knowledge her supernatural ability gives her are all a part of how Instructions for Dancing unfolds.

That was all about the plot. Instructions for Dancing is a well thought of, and well written book. While it may seem far-fetched to have such an ability, Nicola Yoon has managed to have Evie deal with it like any other teenager would. Perhaps with even more maturity than I would. The concept of friendship, and Evie’s trusted friend, are another highlight of this book.

Instructions for Dancing does well when it comes to relationships and their changing dynamics. Whether it comes to mending broken relationships, or the anxiety of new ones, the emotions are true to the nature of the characters. It is perhaps this that lends life to the characters in Instructions to Dancing. Evie’s journey and growth in this book has been a delight to read.

Instructions to Dancing is a light read. Enjoyable, cozy and wonderful for all the young love. Definitely Recommend!


Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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