Book Review – Wicked Little Deeds by Kat Ellis

Set in a very quaint little town with a beautiful natural setting, Wicked Little Deeds does its best to make the reader squirm in tension. For all its natural beauty, Burden Falls becomes the seat of ghastly murders in Kat Ellis’ new book.

Having lost her parents to a car accident, and surviving the accident has left Ava with physical and mental scars that have scabbed over. And now she loses the only home that she has ever known. A home that comes with its own history and was in the family for generations. Burden Falls, with its small town atmosphere is just perfect for all the creepiness that follows.

When the body of a girl is found near the falls on the grounds of Ava’s former home, the rumors abound around the resident spirit that has haunted the place. When the death count starts to increase the rumors increase in intensity as well. When her nemesis from high school is murdered and Ava is the one to find her body, things get even more intense. A situation where eventually things go berserk and Ava finds herself a suspect. Not helping the situation is the paranoia of being watched and the visions that Ava has on and off.

As one reads through Wicked Little Deeds, one wonders what really happens, but the end is surprisingly unexpected. A very interesting twist awaits the reader at the end. Kat Ellis has given the reader a good plot, with strong characters and an overall enjoyable read. With Wicked Little Deeds there is close to no disappointment. I did find it a bit verbose at the start, however once it picked up, the book raced through.

If you are of a mind to read through a mystery that combines a bit of supernatural, a bit of romance and lot of suspense, then Wicked Little Deeds is for you.

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