Book Review – IREX by Carl Rackman

Over a century ago, a ship is wrecked and an investigation is launched. All is not as it seems. Whilst all of us are aware of the miracles that modern forensics can figure out, how did people a hundred years ago find their answers! This was what made me pick up IREX.

IREX by Carl Rackman was a pleasant surprise. I may have picked up the book for a different reason, but I thoroughly enjoyed for the fabulous read it was. With well drafted characters and plenty of action, the book was a riveting read. Hutton and Blake will be entrenched in the readers’ memory!

Rackman manages to keep the pace brisk from the get-go. The very first page gets the reader hooked and keeps them on their toes. As the IREX begins its voyage and we get to meet more characters, things get more interesting. When the reader is shown the events and the investigation in juxtaposition, it becomes a very compelling read. Who triumps, and how kept me turning pages!

IREX was a read that cannot be pushed to the done and dusted pile. It has got everything going for it. Great characters, fantastic plot, plenty of plot twists, and clever writing make IREX worthy all the praise that has come its way.

An enjoyable mystery that checks all the boxes!

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