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Daily writing prompt
When do you feel most productive?

Let’s get it. That time when I am most productive. There is only one situation when I can be that way. Preferably in the afternoon, and even better at night time. Haven’t you ever wondered why this blog is Frost At Midnite?

I used to write a lot in the mid night hours. That is the time when my brain gets into the groove and does amazing things. I can learn like a genius. I can think even better. I come up with the most mind-blowing thoughts during this time.

Then I sleep. And when I wake up that person seems like a chimera. Those thoughts are gone from my head which is in itself covered with fog.

Mornings are an absolute waste of my time. Before my coffee, I am just a lump lying around. Unproductive, unresponsive. Just a primitive organism. Then as the sun travels westwards, my brain functions increase. I get more sentient, more coherent and more productive.

To this day morning people boggle my mind. I do not understand that chirpiness. People who wake up in the pre dawn hours to workout or do whatever, I applaud you. You really do have something I have never had.

Frost At Midnite, A Blog by Jayasree Bhargavan

One thought on “Midnite

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