About this Blog

About the blog: Previously, Frostatmidnite.blogspot.com.

About me : I am Jayasree. In the process of finding the right definition of myself, in the process of self discovery; everyday brings with it a new lesson. Finished my Engineering two years back, and now in my second job. Got into blogging online last year and have gotten hooked to it.

This space is a place to key in all abstruse musings that originate in my cranium. you may disappointed if u have come here looking for anything serious

This was what I wrote way back when I started here in 2007. Now it does sound naïve. After nearly 7 years(the details of which I shan’t bother to elaborate), I’ve moved on from the job, started learning a new language, working part-time and studying part-time. Have I discovered myself? Well, not entirely, although I have definitely become more interested in becoming a better person than I was the day before.

Now, it’s all about the journey not the destination.😊 Enjoy your stay here!