Of laughter and disillusionment; learning and hope…

Of laughter and disillusionment; learning and hope...

You are only young once, but you can be immature forever. - Hannah Marks



You are never too old to set another Goal or to dream a new Dream

I tried to BuJo in 2017, and here's how it turned out.

Not buying space

Do you remember this post? It is the one where I admitted to trying to not buy things. It's been a month and I actually haven't bought anything. I did buy half a dozen batteries and a bottle of shampoo. That's it. My major spending was on food. 😬 I bought icecreams and ate out … Continue reading Not buying space


Should I listen to the Imp or not?

Not buying… Space.

No Space No Buy

You and Me

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Penning down the stories in my head.

What a year!

Of hurts healed and lessons learnt.

Can I? Could I? Should I?

These are questions I ask myself about writing fiction. But, write I did.

The Flightless Bird

Hopes and Dreams of the past.