Plans in Place

It's been a while since I wrote about things not related to my life. I haven't reviewed anything, or even posted on my Bookstagram/Foodstagram. But that doesn't mean I've been recklessly ignoring them. I have a plan. Or better said, I have a plan that's perfect for the lazy me and OCD me. There are … Continue reading Plans in Place



Should I listen to the Imp or not?


Fallout. About a page from someone else's story.

RIP Google’s Best

I can't find Google's best thing anymore.

Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts. A Daily Prompt inspired blog post.

Thought – Taught.

The world recently celebrated International Day of the Girl Child on October 11. The ongoing struggle to make people across all countries aware of the issues faced by a person just because of her gender is real. You can get a lot of statistics from the internet. The sad truth is even we face the … Continue reading Thought – Taught.

Little Hope

She dangled her feet, swinging them gently. Her thick silver anklets keeping her rhythm. Those little feet bear such a burden, Yet they swing with abandon. Little one, you have just begun to walk. Do you know how far you have to go? Do you know where you go or what you will see? The … Continue reading Little Hope