How I have neglected the foodstagram handle for a while. And I have not even posted any food-related stuff on the blog as well. Well, rectifying it with this post.

As a Malayalee, there is nothing tastier than seafood. And this was a lunch plate. Red rice, prawn curry, beans thoran and mathi fry.

There was another post on the prawn curry a year back (here). And if you are in Chennai, the best sardines/mathi can be bought from Supreme Seafood. We have never had any complaints about the quality, quantity or packaging so far (touch wood!!!). And it has been a fuss-free experience just getting seafood without all the haggling.

The sardines are very simple to make – chilli powder, turmeric and salt. Let them sit coated with the mixture and gently grill them. Use coconut oil and I tell you it will be a treat! I do not think any other oil works as well for a fish fry as coconut oil does. But then, it could also be because I am a Malayalee. 🙂


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