Paralysed Brain

No TV! 😦

+  No Music! 😦

+  No new Book! 😦

+  No Travel! 😦

+  No Money! 😦

+  No Trip to the Zoo! 😦

+  No Laptop! 😦

+  No MS Words! 😦

+  No Mood to write! 😦

+  Monotony

=    Temporarily paralysed Brain! 😦

9 thoughts on “Paralysed Brain

  1. This is a comment.

    Just marking my territory.
    Thank you very much.

    And you people who dare disagree with my buddy, i have only one word for you guys..

    BACK OFF!!!

    [Yeah its ONE word, especially when u feel it in d groin]

    Rot in Hell…


  2. Looks like your place is the new “adda” in Bangalore… now i wonder what all those pics were all about .. hmmm….

    Lets continue this one
    > Mots writes a blog
    > she gets a plethora of comments (3)
    > she is excited by the response and decides to not let this oppurtunity go unutilized, so she invites ppl to her home for her own entertainment (coz TV’s out, zoo’s far etc)
    > the event turns out out to be “too good to be true” kinds
    > that night or morning may be (she has sleep disorders), a bright idea strikes mots

    Its year 2015 [being too lazy to think]
    > Mots is the proud owner of this secret place called “the adda”, the epicentre of all the dope and daaru (dum maaro dum istyle) crazy photography and all that you can imagine

    Mots you can complete this by adding a pic of yours resembling zeenat amaan ,,, now dont get me wrong … (i mean with the clothes on ofcourse) like in dum maaro dum 🙂


  3. not the one that i am staying with… keep inviting ppl home for lunch or dinner.. and one such day the tv broke! 😦 and thereafter the inviting formality stopped.. although, Max, you are invited. So are u Sasi! 🙂


  4. mad colleague? OMG who you stayin with?
    Zoos were more fun as kids, now u gotta see the same animals again n again!
    kanjoos employer? now that is news to me…..

    well i pity you……


  5. lol…
    No tv cos mad colleague brought it crashing down :(, no cooking cos there is no cooking gas 😦 , monotonous work 😦 , no laptop cos it crashed(being seviced!) 😦 and hence no ms word 😦 , no zoo cos ppl would rather go watch a movie or go shopping, (i like ur idea too, but then no nirror at home), no dough cos of kanjus employer, no music cos of no laptop. 😦

    Talk about timing! 😦


  6. lets try some reverse engineering here…..

    jayakka tried cooking n ate her own food for once..

    *this resulted in a temporal brain paralysis.
    *Nobody would go near her and hence she felt monotonous, doin the same things by herself.
    *With nothin new she has nothin to write abt.
    *Her friends took away her lappie fearin that she may break it (can’t trust madcaps you see!)
    *She wasnt allowed to go to the zoo, instead asked to look at herself in the mirror whenever she missed the zoo.
    *For obvious reasons her purse has been taken away and therefore she doesn’t have any dough to buy a book or travel.
    *The excessive use of masala has prolly hit her senses as she is now unable to watch TV and listen to music.
    *Could also be that someone unplugged the main power switch to her appt.

    moral of the story: if you let jayakka cook the power to yor appt will be shut off!

    ok time to get back to wrk……


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