Week in review – Week 1, 2017

This year I thought about starting to review my week that has gone by. Nothing serious, just the things that I can share on the internet and get away with.

The first week has been good so far. I started a journal and though I have tried to keep it up to date, it is still shaping up. I may share what I did later when I have got it down to pat.

Blog-wise, 7 posts in 7 days seems to be good. But, only 2 Daily Prompt based posts! I did want to post more based on prompts. I figure, for now, any start is a good start.

Books – well, three books were read in the first week itself. So far so good. I doubt if I can keep the same pace given that this week has been quite leisurely. Nonetheless, I’ll be happy even if it is just one book a week.

The rest – I wanted to drink more water, walk at least 6000 steps, mediate every day, refresh my Spanish and French. I did the last two for two days. So that’s a 4/28 score on that. Hopefully, I can up my game this coming week.

What else??? I haven’t eaten out since lunch on the first. I am also thinking of joining a gym. Let’s see if some acceptable plans are available.

I haven’t fought with any one about anything this week. My pedantic, OCD obsessed self seems to have gone for hiatus. Or may everyone is just playing nice with me. Time shall tell!

I was supposed to meet up with a dear friend, but that didn’t happen, slightly disappointed. But we are always just a text away.

That’s been most of what has happened with me this week. Hope you all had a good and productive week as well.

Here’s to an even better week ahead!

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