Dear Sheryl…

Some things are best left unsaid, unrevealed. Yet, these same things burst out. After years and years of festering inside of one’s self. Some things then get written.

If I had to write to someone who has influenced me, there would be a long list of people I would have to write to. But this is one letter that needs to be written, for this wonderful lady has managed to make me think and act through her little insights and anecdotes. This does not mean that the others are any less important; just that I had the urge to write this. Especially now, given all that that is happening around me.

Dear Ms Sandberg,

Nine years ago, I quit my job at Google. I fell sick and had to come back home, then spent time getting well. I am happy to say that I worked there during your time as VP.

The next few years were not the smoothest of my life. I will never say I would like to forget those years because I have learnt a lot of things during that time. Despite all the trouble and hardships we, my family and I, have become much more of one unit than we were. But, those few years have had me questioning myself and everything around me.

It was during this time that I read your book Lean In, sometime in 2014. And it was perhaps one of the good things that I did for myself. I understood the importance of communication and belief. More importantly, it helped me with becoming a lot more confident and compassionate.

Things never remain the same and that is most true for Life. As a family, my parents, my sister and I are a unit. But some situations over the last few months have put pressure on us. I have seen a mother want to kill herself because of one of her three children. One of those children, my mother, had to stand by and watch as my grandmother was at her lowest. What does one do in such a situation?

My mother is as strong as she can be, but such things affect everyone. And it trickles down to us as well. There has been a lot of anger, a lot of grief and sorrow. It has been this way for a few months now at home. Home is now a rather hollow and silent place where once smiles and laughter were aplenty.

It was during one of my YouTube binges of Ellen that I watched you on her show, talking about Option B. It has gone on my reading list as a priority since I believe it is nothing but the Universe’s plan for me to get back on my feet and stir things towards more positive pastures. If there are any stubborn passengers, I will be dragging them along as well on that journey.

I sit here, far away from you, in my little haven in Chennai and can’t help but think of how much of an influence you have been to so many people all across the world. You have truly sent us little rays of positive vibes packaged as books. And not to forget that you are an inspiration to women and girls globally!

It is with a heart full of warmth that I send back as much, if not more, positive thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

Thank You.

If you are looking for the YouTube video… here

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