Daily Prompts… Let’s Begin

There has been an appalling lack of posts here and obviously, I am entirely to blame. I just checked the archives and there happens to be a countdown like recession of the number of posts since June. It has been 9, 8, 7, 6 and last month 5 posts. Seriously! And thus I decided to revive the Daily Prompt section of this blog.

Remember how WordPress used this wonderful thing going, Prompts – there would one post with one word and we could write a post on it. We could share it on their comments section and it helped grow our blogging community as well. Unfortunately for whatever reason, they have ceased it. I used to have a dedicated section to such posts on this blog. I wasn’t any more disciplined than I am now, but I did write more than I do now. Even if it was just one or two posts a month, it was not planned but impromptu and creative. Once they stopped, I made that section hidden and now I am bringing it back.

I decided I could do the daily post plan myself. Of course, WordPress helped as well. I downloaded an old pdf file listing 365 prompts and I am starting it off today. No time like the present and all that. But it also happens to be birthday month! Which means beginning things today makes more sense to me.

In case you are interested, take the prompt, write a post and share it. I would love to read it, and am sure so would others as well.

Here is the prompt for the first of November.

November 1
Eat, drink and be merry…
…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell
us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions,
the setting, the conversation.

Well, the last dinner if the world is ending tomorrow… realistically, it has already been planned. There are chappatis with palak paneer, a simple onion-tomato gravy and a salad with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and corn. The dinner will be had with the family. Mom, dad, my sister and my grandmother. We shall all be seated in front of the television while eating. The usual routine for dinner at home.

But letting the imagination run wild, I would really love to have some biryani, or chinese. Oh.. crispy fried lotus stem, chilli basil chicken with some chicken fried rice. Chettinad chicken and some chicken biryani. Or, even chicken tikka, dal makhani and rumali roti. If I could sneak in one thing in my last meal, it would be a cream donut as well.

Bah! what a conundrum it is to choose the meal itself. Then there are the people. Family, of course, would be my first choice. I would also like to have my favourites, my bestest of friends, but I realise if the world is ending tomorrow, they would like to be with family as well. We shall sneak in little love notes with each other through WhatsApp while we eat our dinner.

Meanwhile, leaving you with another of my favourite meals from the past; one I would not mind being my last meal.

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