Book Tour – 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Maurice Barkley

Another blog tour by The Write Reads. I must confess that their blog tours are something that I have begun looking forward to. Not because, it is another post or another book, but these books are genuinely good. And the whole thing superbly planned and executed. Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is yet another such book that I enjoyed and am glad I signed up for this tour. Thank you Write Reads and the author for this opportunity.


Well, who doesn’t know of Sherlock Holmes! We have grown up reading his tales and enjoyed them immensely. Taking off on a similar vein is this book as well. Maurice Barkley has done a very commendable job with this book. The plot, the language and creating Holmes’ world has dealt with a very admirable hand. There are none of the current day influences that manage to even peeps through.

This book, 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, is exactly that. Five different stories. Each as riveting as the other. Finish this book in one go or savour each story, one a day, that is upto the reader. However, be assured you can’t be disappointed, no matter which way you choose.

All five stories are interesting plots. I am not going to give details and give you a heads up. Go in blind dear reader, and have a superb read. Anyway, as I was saying,  all five plots are superb. Suspense, intrigue, Holmes & Watson… the whole nine yards. Mycroft also drops in, by the way. I enjoyed this book for a lot of things. But aside from the fact that this was a superb book with a five star rating, it also managed to take my mind away from the current chaos that is the world.

I am giving 5 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes an Awesome 5 stars!

Definitely recommend.


By Frost At Midnite

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