Book Review – The Cousins by Karen McManus

There are only two weeks left in this year. There was the announcement of going into a lockdown, and it is December! Where has all the time gone? We all may have a dozen more significant milestones this year, but it feels like this year has been one that has zoomed past. With everything happening around me, reading has been the only thing keeping me grounded and in any semblance of peace.

With another blog tour, The WriteReads gang has brought forth an excellent book to be reviewed – The Cousins. Karen McManus has done excellently with The Cousins. Three cousins, who have not been in touch for eons, their parents who could not be interested with being in touch, their grandmother a woman who disinherited her four children without second thought. What could be interesting in their lives?

The Cousins by Karen McManus, Book Review by Frost At Midnite

It all starts with one day the three cousins, Jonah, Milly, and Aubrey receiving a letter from their grandmother, Mildred. It states that they are to be a part of an intern program at the family island resort. Mildred is rich, and she disinherited her four children without a penny. Without any communication for decades, she reaches out now to her grandchildren.

What follows is one twist after another. While the initial chapters give us an insight into the life of Milly and Aubrey, it takes off at a much faster half way through the book. I didn’t know who to cheer for. I wanted Jonah to accomplish his purpose, for Aubrey to get fierce, and if Milly wanted to go hulk smash, that too! Twist after twist, it was all too exciting to read.

The Cousins is an exciting read with excellent characters, a great plot and captivating writing. Karen McManus has given us a wonderful read.

If you are interested in YA with mystery, romance and all thrown in, The Cousins is what need. A full five stars for The Cousins by Karen McManus.

Go read!


The Cousins by Karen M. McManus
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