The Dam(n) trip.

Get up at 0545 to go to a place called Nagarjuna Sagar. Ismiley had taken the initiative and planned it. We were supposed to go on Saturday and since Ujji could not make it, we moved the plan to Sunday.

Ismiley called us on for a quick meeting on Friday to brief us about who is picking whom and what time. And Ujji dropped out at the last minute. By what Ismiley says, she has a reputation for it, or he is venting out his frustration.

Some data about the place in itself.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam(n) is one of the largest Dam(n)s built, in Asia. It is located between the Guntur and Hyderabad. Built on the Krishna River some where near Nalgonda districts, it is one of the earliest hydroelectric projects of India. The late Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India on 10-12-1955, laid foundation stone of the Dam(n).

The Dam(n) was completed in 1969. 124 meters high and 1 km long, it has 26 crest gates and with a capacity of 11, 472 million cubic meters is the third-largest man-made lake in the world. It is supposedly the World’s largest masonry Dam(n).

Nagarjuna Sagar is one of the many (: P) tourist places around Hyderabad. It is named after the Buddhist saint Acharya Nagarjuna (and not the actor like Lakshmi thought it was). Present day Nagarjuna Sagar area has three settlements, Vijayapuri (aka V. P. South), Pylon, and Hill colony. The boat service to Nagarjuna konda is available from Launch station (V.P.South)

Nagarjuna konda is an island at the centre of the man-made lake formed due to construction of the Dam(n). Buddhist civilizations dating back to the 3rd century were excavated there and are now carefully preserved. A museum preserves the Buddhist relics. Nagarjunakonda, is complete with monasteries, stupas, and a sacrificial altar have been replicated on the island. The site has a 14th century fort, medieval temples and a museum constructed like a Buddhist vihara. A plethora of Buddhist relics, jewelry, coins and statues, including a partially ruined statue of the Buddha is housed here. Viewpoint near the Dam(n) offers a great view of the valley.

While at Nagarjunakonda, make a trip, if possible, to Srisailam wildlife sanctuary, a Project Tiger reserve. Srisailam, has immense historical and religious significance, including a Shiva temple that is one of the 12 sacred Jyotirlingas.

Also to Ethipothala waterfalls, it cascades down 22 m into lagoon that is supposedly a crocodile-breeding centre. On the other hand, you can visit Anupu, where ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas and Viharas have been excavated and restored.

Nagarjuna Sagar is 160 km from Hyderabad and a trip can make for a day trip. Although the food is not advisable, the drive is highly recommended.

The directions from L.B. Nagar.

Route 1: If you are traveling from Dilshuknagar to L.B.Nagar, take a right towards Mallepally. If you are traveling from Uppal to L.B.Nagar drive straight ahead towards Mallepally. If you are traveling from Ramoji Film City towards to L.B.Nagar take a left towards Mallepally.

Route 2: Travel around 250 meters and drive left where you should be seeing a signboard -Nagarjuna Sagar 140 km. This route should take you to Ibrahimpatnam, which is approximately 40 km from L.B. Nagar. This place is a small village and tourists may stop to have a beverage break or to buy some munchies if desired.

Best time: definitely not July! It is probably best to come here during the winter months.

We set out early on Sunday and went to BizTrivia’s home. Poor BizTrivia’s family! They were kinds enough to welcome us and offer coffee. The started the drive. Jo’chayan’s car and we have a great bonding. The car has not yet been noted by the police thankfully. Anusha, Jo’chayan, Anne (Jo’chayan’s better half) and me in his car. Unfortunately, none of us were in our real self at the early hours on a Sunday, and therefore no screaming. A small break from the drive for tea and we were on the road again. However, our car had to pull over again! Jo’chayan, sweet that he is, was stung by a bee! We set off again. At our own pace, taking in nature and its wonders, and making Ismiley and the others wait. We actually went through a patch of “no human anywhere” land and saw what it would be like if the race would wipe out. Driving along, we saw a board that read Ethiopia. Unfortunately, we were wrong; it was Ethipothala and not Ethiopia. Interestingly, the sign boards, said we would find crocodiles in the water and were discouraged from getting in the water. But it had no use on many naked men jumping into the water! Please be warned it may not be as much of a family friendly as you heard.

The entire plan was formulated because Ismiley was sure that seven of the 26 gates were open and it would be a nice sight to see. But apparently, he was wrong and now holds Ujji responsible – apparently, they were open until 5pm on Saturday, when they closed it.

Ismiley loses five and half minutes every time he goes for a sutta… and on the trip lost a half hour. All of us, including Ismiley lost a Dam(n) just for the timing. *disappointed*

You now know why it is Dam(n)!

I had to put the directions there, as it is very easy to get lost, and may end up going to Pune; like we in Jo’chayan’s car did : ) (just in case you feel your lost, look on both sides of the road. If there is too much of greenery around, Dam(n)!!!… you are lost!)




The Dam(n) was supposed to have been 25% of this…. Instead…


That’s how it was… all closed : (




The bunch of them reached much earlier than us.


The reservoir…


Ethipothala Falls


You have to drive on that bridge and get to stand there for a while to relish the gushing water. We still did it even with out the water.


More water… at the reservoir.


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