As we go through school and college, we find ourselves surrounded by so many people. If we are of a certain type, we tend to be friends with many. Some of them even become lifelong friendships.

One of my very good friends since then has been this really sweet girl who I first met in college. She didn’t have anything bad to say about anybody and was a real darling overall. Pretty as well, she had the boys crushing after her for a long while. But she didn’t bother about all that.

Also, this girl was one of the first amongst us to marry, just immediately after graduating. As we went about getting jobs, she went and got herself married to someone who was chosen by her family. And she lived happily as well. We stayed in touch, and a few years later, she had a daughter – an absolute delight just like her mother.

A few years back she came back to town. As usual, she made a call and we spoke and made plans to meet up. It was during this phone call that I came to know she was getting out of that marriage. It was such a terrible feeling because this was a girl I knew since we were teens, and we grew up into adulthood together. We helped each other and had fun times together; we travelled together and had such wonderful times. Incidents like these make one wonder why bad things happen to good people.

Anyway, she is happy now. But like I said, there is a child involved. It doesn’t matter that you cannot be in a relationship and want out. I assume that most adults give it their best shot but the final decision is made after much thought. What does a child do in that circumstance?


In this case, even after all these years and all the legal proceedings; the father doesn’t pay child support. Being in two different countries means you may not be able to see your child as much as you would like to. Today there is plenty of technology to make communicating very personal. But would you actually choose not to? A child, whom you had actually taken care of for the first five years of her life? That seems way too cold hearted!

What sort of person does that make that man? Especially since this is all because that child is a girl. Really!?!?! In this day and age, an educated, cosmopolitan man who thinks like this should be stripped of the very degrees that define him. An education wasted; an employment that exposes him to different cultures unknowing of his true nature, what a waste!

There is no one to blame here, because we may well be going about in circles. Blame the man, blame his parents, and blame the society that makes him so. And again it will go on and on. I know of this because it happened to a friend of mine. How many more men, women and children go through such experiences in their lives who knows? One can only hope that in the process of letting go of past relationships, the people involved do not let go of the future.

Because the fallout in most cases are the children who do not have the guiding hands of a parent. These kids are the people who will shape the future of our world. And they definitely deserve better than this.

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