Book Review – The Tracker by John Hunt

I seem to be on a horror/crime reading spree. It is interesting since this is not a genre I normally read continuously. I read one and it gets weird, then I switch to something else, a mundane romance maybe. March has seen me reading more thrillers than I care. But I must note that while the previous were ok’ish or good books, this one was a tad bit disturbing that I may be reading a happy, all’s well that ends well romance tonight.

John Hunt is an author I have heard about. Have you heard about the Doll House? Have you read it? I didn’t. The blurb was interesting, then I read a preview on Goodreads. That was enough for me to discard it. I don’t think I was brave enough to pick it up. The Tracker is his second book. The concept is interesting. Taylor is given 48 hours to win a game. A game of hide and seek he is compelled to play with ‘the tracker’. If he fails, he gets to be eaten alive by the tracker. But, after 48hrs if he manages to stay hidden and gets away from the tracker, he lives. The rules are simple. Most important of which is that he can’t seek help from others. If he does, the tracker will kill them, gruesomely.

The Tracker by John Hunt

After 48 hours, he manages to escape and ends up at a police station. He realises he has been the target of a manhunt, accused of murdering the four people whom the tracker murders. Ok, now it probably sounds like I am giving away spoilers, but fear not. Even I didn’t suspect the ending. Anyway, the story is about things getting figured out during the investigation and the reader wondering if they really do unravel the mysteries – the hows and the whys etc. The investigator is patient and inquisitive, waiting to get to the bottom of things. And the reader is right there in the room with both of them.

Trust me when I say there are some squeamish parts. Though I didn’t mind them, some may find it a bit disturbing. The Tracker was a good book, well written, not too much horror, a good thriller overall. The sheer thrill coursing through your veins as you follow the course of the plot, that was unmistakable in this book. You know that something is going to pop out of somewhere, and you are not disappointed! The book ends with a bam. Not disappointing at all!

The writing was good. This genre is perhaps one of the most difficult to write. You need to be crisp and clear. The words need to pack a punch yet be succinct. Verbosity becomes an overkill. John hunt manages to capture the thrill, the fear, and the paranoia in his words. And his words manage to throw those exact emotions right in our face.

Overall a good book. If you can handle a certain amount of gore, pick it up. Even after The Tracker, I still have not mustered up enough courage to pick up the Doll House.

Thanks to Netgalley for the review copy.

You can find a copy of The Tracker here – Amazon.


The TrackerThe Tracker by John Hunt

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