Book Review – The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison

Shifting between genres is a good thing. After I read Circe (Review) I read this book called The Hawkman. I did not enjoy the book as much. It was a historical and it was not evocative. All I felt was a sense of mild disappointment. Then I decided to take up another genre – a thriller. And it was The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison.

The Summer Children is the third book in the series The Collector by Dot Hutchison. Though I did read it as a standalone. There are characters that come and go in this book who have made their appearance in the previous instalments. The only inconvenience this causes is the curiosity and the want to read the other two books. The Summer Children is about an FBI team. Mercedes Ramirez is a part of a team, Crimes Against Children, at the FBI. She has been there for ten years and has helped more children than she can count.

The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison Review by Frost At Midnite

The book begins with Mercedes and her girlfriend returning to Mercedes’ home where they come across a little boy waiting for Mercedes. The little boy, Ronnie, is covered in blood and holding a teddy bear. He claims to be deposited on her porch by the angel who killed his parents. A few days later, Mercedes and her teammate Eliza Sterling return to Mercedes’ place to see three kids on her porch. Sarah, Ashley and Sammy with faces streaked with blood and holding a teddy bear say the same thing as well. All the children were brought here by the angel who killed their parents and deposited here because Mercedes would keep them safe. These kids had to watch their parents be killed, and then they were told they’d be safe with Mercedes. Safe because they are all victims of abuse. Ronnie was abused by his father while Sarah by her stepfather. As more and more children from similar backgrounds turn up at Mercedes’ place, the local PD asks to partner with the FBI to solve the crime. And solve it they do.

There is a good plot in this book. While abuse is a thread running strong throughout the book, certain sections of the book have a much horrific version than the rest. Stomach turningly horrific. There is evil in this world and sometimes we choose to ignore it willfully. This is something that a few characters do with aplomb in The Summer Children. But the CAC team tries hard to stop further damage. So, if you are someone who can not read about bad things being done to children, then skip this book. What I loved about this book was the team in which Mercedes works. A unit that works together in sync and a team that’s more family than friends. Office politics and other distractions do not hinder their investigations or stop them from pursuing criminals. Each of them, be it the head of the unit or the newest member, is involved in their job hoping to save one more child. A noble cause, for which they all have their own reasons to contribute to.

The book starts off sluggishly. But never does it get boring. There is a nice pace that begins once the children start arriving. The Summer Children is perhaps not filled with a rash of unnecessary crimes. It is a book that has blood, sweat and tears and makes us question rules and regulations, between right and wrong.

Again, there is a lot of child abuse, be it physical, sexual or emotional in The Summer Children. If you can handle it, then go read.

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The Summer Children (The Collector, #3)The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison

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