Book Review – Venators 2 Promises Forged by Devri Walls

I wrote about the first book in this series back in March. Just a few months back. However it feels like a lifetime ago. To recap, March was a wonderful month and I gave Venators a full give star rating.

Now that we have the second book on hand, it’s exciting. We left off with a kidnapping and fighting and excellently vivid scenes which definitely held the reader in thrall. And Promises Forged continues in the same vein.

It is common with sequels that with the each ‘next in series’ some characters lose their shiny facade and become lackluster whilst some become shinier than before. New favourites are found and new villains emerge. All this does happen with Venators 2 as well. After this book, I have begun to hold Devri Walls to a certain standards. The first two books I’ve read, I have enjoyed immensely. Be it the writing, the plot, the characters, all of it was gratifying to the reader.

So, how does one review a book without giving away the plot? It is difficult. I wish I could write about Ryker or Rune and what they face, but I would inadvertently give away something for sure. Which is not acceptable to me. 😐. So let me just say that if you enjoyed the first book, Venators Magic Unleashed, then you’ll definitely need to read Venators 2 Promises Forged. And you will enjoy it for sure!

Another five star rating from me. Go read!

Frost At Midnite

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