Book Review – Remember the Butterfly by Rebecca L Marsh

This is the fourth book that I have read by Rebecca L Marsh. I had to get that disclaimer out of the way before I started to write about Marsh’s latest book — Remember the Butterfly. Obviously I have enjoyed her earlier works and you can read more about those at the bottom of this post.

Rebecca L Marsh has always been an author whose books are very evocative. The reader gets to experience an emotional ride and yet feel completely sated with a good read. Remember the Butterfly. is no different; emotional, well written and a glorious read!

Remember the Butterfly does have a few triggers – murder, physical abuse, drug abuse, loss of pregnancy, and difficulty with conception. Reader discretion is advised.

Remember the Butterfly is a story of women — two different women, who have gone through hardships and continue to survive and thrive. Jillian and Keeley are survivors. They have survived extremely traumatic events that have scarred them and yet, they have shown their resilience. All characters in Remember the Butterfly are wonderfully written and worth a mention. If Jillian and Keeley have come this far, it is also due to their support system. Men and women in their lives have lent their support in big ways and small to bolster Jillian and Keeley’s strength.

As we read Jillian’s life, the reader gets to experience Jillian’s pain, hope and agony. Such beautifully written words make the reader a part of the scene. Wyatt is a surprise; supportive, empathetic, and completely there for Jillian. As we proceed through Remember the Butterfly, we come to Keeley’s life and there too the reader is involved. Surprise and heartbreak continue to keep the reader hooked. Jillian and Keeley have endured a lot in life and their resilient spirit shines through in Remember the Butterfly. As does hope!

A wonderfully written book, Remember the Butterfly is a worthy read for readers of this genre. One will not be disappointed. A full five stars!

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