Book Review – When the Storm Ends by Rebecca L. Marsh

Sometimes, when authors contact you regarding a review, you are interested and sometimes not. When Rebecca wrote to me about her book and a review, I loved the blurb she attached and I signed up for it. But now after having read this book a month back, I am still writing this review. It has taken me forever. I sit down to write, I stop to think and then stop writing. When the Storm Ends continues to haunt you long after you are done with it. A good thing for the book. I must thank Rebecca for the opportunity she has given me. When the Storm Ends was a book I enjoyed reading and I have finally drafted a post without giving away much.

It all begins with Beth, a child psychologist who is presently helping solve a case. Erin, a fifteen-year-old is behind bars for killing her father. Only, she does not say a word about why she did it. Beth’s job is to help find the cause. As she delves into the case, demons from her past spring out of the woods. Circumstances are eerily familiar between the past and the present.

Rebecca L Marsh gives us a great plot, her characters and writing enliven every page. You cannot help be stuck with the Beth and her story even after you have put down the book.

What I loved about When the Storm Ends is the silver lining. Even after facing down so many difficulties and trauma, Beth has survived. She has bounced back and made something of her life. And Erin shows the promise of doing the same with her life. They may be scarred from the experiences, but they also do not let that stop them from getting on with their lives. And special mention to the amazing support system Beth has. These are understanding and supportive people, and Beth helps in creating the same environment for Erin as well.

On the whole, this book is an absolutely wonderful read. I cannot write much about the plot without spoilers, but it was a story with love, loss, abuse, and plenty of emotional drama. It may not be your average murder mystery with blood and gore, but it remains to haunt you.

I have enjoyed reading When the Storm Ends and hope you do too.

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When the Storm EndsWhen the Storm Ends by Rebecca L. Marsh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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