Book Review – The Rift Between Us by Rebecca L. Marsh

My second Rebecca L Marsh book, and I can tell you I am as impressed with this one as I was with her first book.

Often times family becomes an annoying creature to live with. But, blessed are those who have families that have got their back. Rebecca Marsh cooks up a fantastic tale of building relationships and getting old hurts healed in her new book The Rift Between Us.

The Rift Between Us by Rebecca L Marsh

Three sisters who have grown up under the watchful eye of their father cannot see eye to eye. Maria is married with kids. Being the oldest she has the most memories and she has the most lost childhood as well. Second is Lauren, a creative soul who often gets lost in her painting and misses out on responsibility. The youngest, Avery, once the wild child, now an adult with a steady job and a constant stream of boyfriends. These three sisters meet up for a meal when their father invites them.

However, one such get-together turns sour, even more so than before, and these once in awhile meetings also come to an end. Months later, after their father passes away and they deal with his funeral comes the reading of his will. As the three sisters gather together for this purpose, a surprise awaits them from their father. The will stipulates that all three sisters spend two weeks together at a cabin by a lake.

The Rift Between Us gets interesting here on. It was funny to read about the three women tiptoeing around each other, keeping any interaction minimal and waiting for this trial to end. But, with gentle nudges from their father through his notes, they begin to open up. As their circumstances and stories of the past and present come to the fore, the sisters find their bing strengthening and becoming stronger than before. Exactly what their father wished for.

The Rift Between Us is a very lovely story with resilience and strength at the core of its characters. Mending old hurts and overcoming fears seems to be something that Rebecca Marsh does with aplomb for her characters. I loved The Rift Between Us for its theme, characters and it’s writing. It might seem to be a tad bit long, but every page was an enjoyable read. As usual, Rebecca L. Marsh has done a great job.

You can get a copy of The Rift Between Us here – Amazon

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The Rift Between UsThe Rift Between Us by Rebecca L. Marsh

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