Book Review – Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key by Estelle Grace Tudor

As a child, we may have all had our brush with fairy tales, which would have influenced our outlook. As an adult, those rose-tinted glasses get crushed with life experience. Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key by Estelle Grace Tudor is a fabulous book that took me back to childhood. Of believing in more than what meets the eye!

Octavia, her sister Felicity, and their cousins Beatrice and Martha are our heroines. In this book, being the first instalment, Octavia is our lead. The cousins spend all their holidays together at Castle Bloom, with their grandmother. On the verge of turning ten, Octavia is adventurous, mischievous and a whole lot of adorable!

Octavia and Felicity stumble upon a secret door in Castle Bloom’s attic; a magical secret door! On realising their discovery, the adults have no other option but to reveal the truth. The Blooms have for generations been guarding the portal to the fairy world. Unfortunately, there is a sad story to this as well. And Octavia and her cousins set off to make all well.

The fairy world is all that a child, and an adult, can imagine it to be. Good and bad. Benevolent and malevolent. And there, is an adventure to be had for the cousins. Fighting for what’s right, rescuing each other, making friends, discovering hidden talents… all that and more!

Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key was a fun read. It kept things interesting, and adventurous. Being the first in a series, Octavia’s story sets the pace for the rest. Estelle Grace Tudor spins a vividly adventurous tale of a lovely family and their fairy friends.

Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key is the perfect read for readers of all ages.

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