Book Review – Under the Bridge by Jack Byrne

Set across multiple timelines, Under the Bridge makes the reader sit up and pay attention.

A skeleton is found on a building site. Work onsite comes to a halt. Investigation is under way. And reporting this event is a cub reporter, Anne McCarthy. Meanwhile, Anne’s friend Vinny, is trying to get his life together. Together they try and embark on a journey finding answers to a lot of questions that this investigation brings up.

Under the Bridge is a mix of many things. An investigative novel, an introspective journey of finding oneself, a bevvy of conspirators … a lot of twists and turns, but somehow they all seem to gel together cohesively. Under the Bridge is a good read. The pace of the book is brisk. The plot is interesting. The characters are well thought of and the writing is commendable.

The telling of this book takes place over different timelines. Yet, the reader is not jostled between them. One can keep up with the back and forth between the present and past. Under the Bridge also provides an insight about the struggles that people face. Things can go wrong and yet, hope stays alive.

A well-written book, Under the Bridge, proves to be a good read. A riveting tale of lives and events tangled together to make a good plot.

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