Its been a long time since I last posted! Really long… so long that I had a plethora of topics to write about and now and am absolutely clueless on which ones to write.

I vaguely remember wanting to write about oxymorons (on the lines of Blissfully married!) and then about random gossip and then a lot of other topics which would probably go on another blog that has not been updated for quite sometime.

Recovering from what the doctor, oh…. Not recovering.. its more like getting to live with the eternal cold/nasal congestion etc, that is an aftermath of extremely dry climate coupled with a really bad case of air pollution, I hardly have any energy, let alone interest, to boot my laptop, and then set to write! Gasp!

Vaguely recollecting what I wanted to write.. will put up some stuff soon!


2 thoughts on “

  1. The pollution is definitely getting worse. Getting back home, some days I feel like my lungs might burn out….

    btw…you need to fix that RSS of yours to show full posts instead of a summary……..


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