In the Strictest of Confidence, the Stupidest of Nonsense

You are going to love this one!

You know how this works… people tell people things and then these people tell other people the same thing. In the normal terms we would call it gossip!

There was this once when I fell over the imaginary limits of entertainment that gossip creates and thought OMG! That’s the most insane piece of crap that I heard in a really long. (but relatively, I heard better entertaining stuff)
People tend to make things much more complicated than things should get.
Let’s check this out. Circumstance 1 [think about ship wreck/ad-zap in school]

In terms of mathematics, you know a person, say 1 and then there is the other person 2, both belonging to the same set A. there are also other elements to this set, and A is a subset of universal set U. [ A set is not a well-defined collection of objects. The objects are called elements. And in this post elements represent people. A set o f people weighing 60kg or over is well defined whereas a set of heavy people is not – that’s the difference]

Getting back to the set A. There are many more elements in this set, who know each other and all that, some better than the other. Then there is set B. some elements belong to both these sets, and we call them as the intersection of these two sets. If we tend to imagine these as a friend’s circle the intersection would form the mutual acquaintances. Now the story starts with a certain 1 in set A. And floats around gaining momentum, with each and every air wave it traverses, with every peak and trough that the air wave goes through or through optical fibre. Then it gets to the intersection of set A and B. Now if you imagine what would happen if we were to experience this in life between friends circle… that would be the equivalent of disaster. Now intersection of A and B is a slightly disturbed set and since all elements of the intersection set are common, the set B is also disturbed. Like it would happen in real life!!!!

Now as you can imagine, it is complicated and no one, not even me, knows what will happen. This is exactly what I was talking/writing about previously – about how people tend to complicate things un-necessarily. I could have avoided it and made a nice post of this explaining some nice gossip and all drama, but I inculcated a set theory and like any lame wannabe manager would do, I messed it all up. (disclaimer: if u want to talk about management schools and 85% of the passouts from there every year go ahead, the other 15% are pretty good I say! – from personal experiences. Think they spent a lot of money really well!). It is pretty ironic that all of them involved in this complicated screen play were not managers.

Or is being as confusing, I really have lost of track where this post was going and what I wanted to write,… confusing and rather loquacious considered effective communication!?!?!

Things I have learnt from writing this – I need to get back to school to get my communication right; not writing CAT last year was a faux pas; my set theory sucks! I need to get back to school to learn math too! This actually would negate the not writing CAT – I lack basics skills required for it and therefore not writing CAT was a good thing. Now that’s what I call infantile gibberish!


I know you have a lot to talk on this… go ahead, type away!

5 thoughts on “In the Strictest of Confidence, the Stupidest of Nonsense

  1. Hi,
    That was one of the most useless & time consuming blogs I’ve ever read!!!
    Not to take anything away, it made compelling reading… OXYMORON!
    Well, I’m writing this to allow me to print this piece of “mad”esque literature in a small magazine that I run in Chennai. It’s called Cheers. Let me know your address & I could mail across some of our back issues as well as the forthcoming one (with your piece if you allow!). Check out


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