Today’s prompt is the meaning of my business name.

Well, I am mostly known by my own name. And since my blog might as well be my business, I shall tell you the meaning of it.

Frost At Midnite came to be because of my friend, Rahul. One night, after we’d graduated, he talked me into blogging. Back then, Rahul used to blog as well. Now, life happened, and he doesn’t any more. This was during a world cup season, and I used to sit into the dark hours of the night watching the football match, while everyone around me slept.

Beginning a blog was easy, I could write. Sometimes well, sometimes rubbish. But coming up with a name was more frustrating. Then I figured I am a night owl, I do my best thinking either in the loo or at night. It is like my brain exercises when the world around me goes to sleep. And, I also happened to be reading poetry. Frost At Midnight, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was a poem I remembered and named my blog after it. For it was all about hope and good things in life.

You will not believe how many times people have asked me, “Yo J!, are you keeping the midnight frosty?” But then, those people themselves were bloggers who do not blog anymore. I sometimes feel that loss, a loss of reading their thoughts, rather acutely. It used to give me a perspective better than any spoken word could. The cathartic process of writing brings people’s emotions into play and that speaks aloud.

Now, there is a different crop of bloggers whom I follow, and I am grateful for their presence.

By Frost At Midnite

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