Book Review – Second Cousin Once Removed by Kenneth L. Toppell

When was the last time I read a book that had words like ‘Chutzpah’? It has been a very long time, that’s how long. Second Cousin Once Removed was a delightfully interesting read. A one sitting read for most.

Second Cousin Once Removed by KenToppell

Henry goes off on a research about his family tree and uncovers a second cousin, a once removed second cousin, Shelley. Shelley is known to be a killer. An interesting family. And it gets more interesting from thereon.

I would like to give away the entire plot, write more about Shelley and Henry and everyone else who walks through the pages of Second Cousin Once Removed. But I shan’t. It would  be too much information in more ways than one. However it would also mean I would get to go on about excellent characters, their development, a wonderfully exciting plot and delightful writing.

As usual The Write Reads gang does wonders when it comes to blog tours. Every tour I have been a part of has been excellent. The books have been amazing reads. Second Cousin Once Removed becomes another item in that list.

With a charming ability to make the reader turn pages, despite taking on murderers and fraud, Second Cousin Once Removed also has the ability to perhaps make the reader snicker in disbelief with the antics some of its characters get up to. Writing that is crisp and stark makes the reading fun. And it adds some unrepentant chutzpah to the charm of Second Cousin Once Removed.

Over all a wonderful read that perhaps will get better with time. Second Cousin Once Removed will be one of those books that one can revisit when one is between reads. Delightfully done.

As with any blog tour, there are some other book bloggers who have given their opinions about Second Cousins Once Removed. I am attaching the links to their reviews at the end of the post.

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