More on the random rant about men

You know when some things happen you feel good… generally… like in an overall happiness not specific to anything… similarly when some things happen you generalize and crib about people. Mostly it happens amongst the sexes – girl friend dumps you, you blame the whole of the female population; loser at work, you tend to get anti-male emotions!

Lets not generalise here, men are interesting specimens. They have their own positives and negatives. I think all the good men in the world are, related to me or are my friends! Like my sweetheart Pappu (refer to the post on my friends ) always says, there is always the right ones, until they come along, have fun with the wrong ones. Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Now you really expected a rant!! But I got over it, not worth my time. Men tend to make you feel that way too. Now if you think there is a remote co-incidence that I may be writing about you, well it might be beyond co-incidence, but of course, you being male, are not going to go around acknowledging it given your ego!

The things that Ego does! In school, during one particular annual day, we had this Chief Justice presiding and in his speech he mentioned how EGO meant Edging God Out. Now I have a massive Ego, and will definitely not let any harm come to it. People like me, have learnt to live with it. I also consider anyone who says they don’t have an ego, as a non-self respecting human being and therefore shall not be respected. But this does not mean that if you are Male, you can come around throwing attitude all over. General perception amongst those who have gone to school/college, (not the literate ones) is that Attitude=Ego! Lol, again not to be respected, just infantile behavior.. moving ahead… There are those who think they have achieved ‘Star’ status and hence they are much more ‘respectable’ than the rest! Crap! Now, anyone who has attained some kind of reasonable achievement in life, will not stop and seek respect, they will seek even more accomplishment…. Ring a bell???? Hitler!!! Now people call their Boss, Hitler! Give the man some credit! He was a huge phenomenon compared to your average MBA boss. Your boss could not get respect from you let alone Fear! The Self-respecting Hitler, committed suicide, and your boss probably would not even contemplate it!

Now that you get the concept of the good, bad and the ugly lets move to the original track. The rant that was to happen. You know how some people ask you for context when you want to convey a message, I conveniently forgot what it was! Now isn’t this going to be a long post!

There is this guy, we aren’t in as much contact as we used to, and all of a sudden there are my friends who express concern over a certain behavior of his on a public forum! Now friends being friends, they are the most protective of me, but the whole issue of his expressing his mind or his feelings has made me realize how lucky I am to have friends like them. (If you are reading this, Thank You!) There a lot of them who came around and told me that they would go to war, ok, I am exaggerating but pretty much would do anything to keep me happy! Then there are those people, like the guy in question, whom we used to think was our friend, but turned out otherwise, may be we just weren’t meant to be friends. Men, atleast some of them want to screw their lives!

Then there are the others who want to play around and be nonchalant. (This is not a personal narration. ) You go around having all the fun and then want to remain nonchalant. May be the word here is non-committal. Although I find it hard to differ, I can’t really relate to it either. I would love to be nonchalant too, and have all the fun, but I really think I can do a lot of other things in that time. Besides men require a certain level of patience to handle in such situations and I lack patience of any kind.

Lots of men, infested with fake pride and ego, lots of them clueless about themselves, lots of them married yet available, most of them mostly crap! This is not the usual male bashing, but more of a comparison. Think of the self made men of two decades ago. They know how the wiring works, how to change a flat, how to fix the noisy fan, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical etc.. they know it all. These days, men are of limited knowledge. They know about the internet, computers etc, but wouldn’t know how to fix a flat. You get the point! Ironically, these men talk about varied interests!

Having a limited knowledge, a little brain, a lot of emotions and lot of sentiments, most men… well, lets put it this way. Aamir Khan and his Taarein Zameen Par. It was a good movie, no doubt. Now when you say he is a great man and all that, you expect things from him. The movie, although it takes care of the child centric part in the first half, animation and all that jazz, I can’t recall the child in the second half. Brilliant acting by the kid, but he was not visible in the second half, under utilized. The movie was fine in the first half, but then emotional drama overwhelming and all the over weighing dialogues!!! Now that is when you realize that the director is after all an average bollywood, commercial director! Nothing great about it! Of course after the movie, I wanted to kill a few kids who would stop their pranks – maybe when they get their report cards home, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad! That’s when we realize that we expected too much and the director was nothing but an average male.

It is rather funny when you want to think about it this way. Men from two decades ago, and the men of today! Apparently, in their vain attempt to come across as civilised, they make a fool of themselves. Have you seen a man belonging to an older generation looking like a moron ever?? He knows how to carry himself with pride. Much like the women of those days. Look at us now! We come in all different sizes and shapes, use outrageous words while talking, and are not aware of carrying ourselves Gracefully! I definitely belong to this genre. : (

Besides all these, notice how men from those days were more Male like than today’s metro-sexual man! It may sound like I prefer older men, I don’t know, But definitely not the metro-sexual man, the ones with an average IQ, an average ego, americanese speaking, computer geek with varying restricted knowledge. And NO Converse All Star(not variants either)!!!!

6 thoughts on “More on the random rant about men

  1. It depends on what you define ‘hopeless’ as.

    I have learnt that what some people call accomplishments, I define them as necessary achievements, what people call luxury, i call it a way of life. It depends on individual perception. And it is well established by manner of psycho analysis and throuhg various email forwards that the perceptions of Average men and women, and the other highly intellectual species differ!

    It is entirely upto you to decide where you fit into the social spectrum and live upto it!


  2. I dont care what Sajal or anyone else.. given my current state of hatred to the employers and the workforce more so towards the frauds tam brams CA’s!!!!

    And as for Men, if your are passionate abt something and u find it interesting, y not!!?! although the phd would be restricted to a few specimens and not the whole male population.

    And 2 decades ago was figurative!!! but nonetheless, a richard gere was much much better than tom cruise, a tom hanks was lot better than a brad pitt…


  3. You doing a PhD on us ????? All said and done, it is no surprise to this blog by you for how muchever I have come to know you. As Sajal says – “Everyone has his/her illusions”, so that puts to rest the discussion about Men. What really got me interested was this – Whom did you picture in your thoughts when you described men 2 decades back ?? Just curious.


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