Random Stuff.

Some random stuff that I keep thinking I will write about, but then it turns out to be a huge debate and a major overload on my brain.


Ever wonder what the three have in common or how they are different? It is always observed when in the masses. There was a chance to notice the differences in abundance last week. You know when you talk to, let’s say chauffeurs, maids and people from the servicing sector, that they may not be the most brightest but they are quick learners.

It was extremely disheartening, that these people who probably haven’t even completed high school successfully talk in English and junta erupts laughing. Now that without a humorous context is rude! Considering that these people are ones who have probably studied in a non-English medium, haven’t even gone beyond high school, their grasp of the language is also expected to be poor. Actually, even my language has rotten, with every passing day since school! And expecting Shakespearean language of me is foolishness! So is grammatical correctness from them.

Now the people who laugh! God forgive me for all the abuse that I have rendered! But having graduated form colleges, and spoken English for ever, their English Sucks! They have this nauseating American accent, which I am sure induces nausea for the Americans as well. And grammar…. Americans kill the language and these people are the ones who feast on the leftovers! Like the vultures! Now its not something that you assume you are doing good with.. lets face it, its just bad English! And oh yeah… you carry with you a fake attitude, and display a complete lack of confidence when you use “ummm… so the thing is..ummm” Damn you.. I know there is a thing.. blah blah blah! Oh! then there is the grammar… apparently, the effect of the mother tongue!

I thought this would be a good example.

X: hey

Me: hi

X: everythin alright?

Me: yes.. all good. : )

X: if u say so!!!

And that left me with an expression that can’t be expressed with my meager vocabulary!

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